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Exposed: The secret life of the Nosy Bee

Nosy bee kids illustration

The Nosy Bee (Apis Nasum Magnum) is a member of the curious Nosy Beasts phylum (Bestiae Nasus Curiosus).

Until now there was not much we knew about the Nosy Bee. This winged animal was living quietly in an unknown remote area far from civilization until it's recent appearance world-wide.

More, yet unidentified species, presumably from the same phylum are also spotted recently.

The Nosy Bee can reach a body-length of 10cm (4") and with it's impressive nose included, it's total length can be almost the double of that.

Moving the blog to my website

Zoo concept sketch

Hey everyone!

My previous blog was sitting quite silently and unchanged for some months now as some of you probably noticed.

I have been busy with numerous projects in the meanwhile, but most of them i couldn't show at the moment. There are some very exciting new additions coming soon!

First of all I am currently busy with a series of short animations for a Hungarian tv station, Veszprém TV for their children's series Kukkantó. It is a series of animals and animated objects that deliver postcards of children that explore the town's various locations.

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