Be outside for the fun of it!


Don’t overthink it (hey, am I talking to myself?) just take your children and get outside! The world is waiting for you to discover it!

I am the Queen of Planning! I love reading about how to do this or that and I love doing research. I write to-do lists like no other and I plan ahead. But than reality hits and it’s all going down in the lasts few years. Let’s say, since I got blessed with my amazing children ;)
So while I still love to write my lists and knowing what needs to be done is a great help, I am aproaching things on a flexible basis.

Lots of spirituals tell you to “live in the now” or “live in the moment”. While I don’t think it’s something you should use for everything in life - having a clear view of the future and where you’re heading is priceless - there are moments when it can be helpful. Also when it comes to going outside.

For some people having a challenge or a goal of spending x hours outside is a great motivator, for me it is creating anxiety. I’d try to break it down to what it would mean on a daily basis and would get discouraged when after a week or two I’d start to get behind. Don’t get me wrong, I do need a goal to get out, but it’s not about that x amount of time. That goal most of the times is a fun activity.

So if you’re like me, don’t worry if you’re outside enough! Don’t look at the clock and don’t calculate. And don’t worry already if tomorrow you’ll be able to spend time outside. Just go out and make sure it’s fun. Than you are more likely to do it again and again.
Stop reading now and go!

Stay curious! Love,


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