How I got over the “don’t get dirty!!!"


Nowadays my children get dirty all the time. Several times a day. They don’t care about black knees, dirty nails or sweat and sand caked on the side of their foreheads. And so don’t I. Here’s the story of how I stopped worrying.

When my oldest was born, I was careful. He was a preemie, first 2 weeks of his life he was in the hospital. So every time I went to him (which was pretty much all the freeking time when I was not instructed to take a nap :P ) I needed to scrub down with disinfectant. It all had to be very clean. To be honest already in this period of time I felt a little rebellious against all that cleanliness (of course only very silently in the back of my head).

Fast forward 7+ months and he started to move around. I put him down on the floor inside, let him discover what he wanted to discover, but outside was a whole different story. There was DIRT! And BUGS! And MUD! I found it impossible to go out with him until he could properly walk. I didn’t even know what scared me more: him eating something or something eating him. Khm… don’t judge me, you all have been first-time moms! And I wish someone talked a little sense into me at that time ;)

At one point when I was looking outside the nice weather but not having the energy to put him in the sling and go for a walk, one question came into my mind:
What’s the worst thing that can happen?
What is my biggest fear about putting him on the ground?

And all the things that popped into my mind suddenly sounded ridiculous. Yes, he can definitaly eat a bug or two. But is that really such a big thing? And the likelihood of something eating him… well, as long as I’m sitting next to him is pretty damn small! He could get dirty. But I have a washing machine and a shower.

I realised that as long as I was next to him and I chose a nice place to sit, there was absolutely no objection for putting him on the ground. And he loved it! He loved playing with the grass in between his fingers and toes, he loved feeling small branches and he just loved looking at ants, bees and butterflies. The more I let him explore, the more my objections faded away. We started in our garden, than we went to parks and playgrounds and by the time he could walk, we visited fields and forests.

The point of this? Start small. Start simple. And watch the joy on the faces of your children as they explore the world around them!

Stay curious! Love,


PS: Do you remember a story from your childhood when you got very dirty, but had a lot of fun? Or your children doing the same? I’d love to hear it! Please share it with me in the comments below, on Facebook or tag me @nosywitty on Instagram!

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