Trying to incorporate creative work into my busy mom-life


… (and still doing the laundry, the cooking and of course caring for the kids!)

Let me just get it straight out first thing: I am a planning genius! As in: planning in my phone, on the computer and sometimes just in my head. Not in actual real life. You could argue that it’s actually poor planning if you can’t apply it in practice. But I still think I kick ass when it comes to planning. I just haven’t been doing it right…

So enter the goal chart and general weekly planner! I figured out that if I have a sheet of paper in front of me, instead of several alarms set in my phone, I have more chance to follow through with my plans and chores. This gives me more of a visual guide and since I am a very visual person (as are the majority of people), I am able to follow my plans to the point and even save tons of time! Yay for more down-time, am I right?!


I started to write down exactly, what the set weekly schedule is. That includes pre-school times, times when the boys are at their grandparents (pure bliss every week!) and times when I have the opportunity to steal half an hour or so, when my husband can and wants to take the boys out a little. I also calculate in that weekends are mostly family-time, so we’d like to do fun things all together. This weekly schedule is something that doesn’t change too much, unless mayhem hits (read: someone gets sick, school holidays and the like).

When I’m ready with filling in the weekly schedule, I look a little bit at the weekly chores that have to be done. Those include laundry, vacuuming, cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning the toilets, and all the other fun stuff. This is where I also include time for walks and my creative work. I actually set apart x hours every week to create. These are very realistic hours, very much depending on how much time I have without the boys. I’m not trying to kill myself with doing something huge within a week… I imagine that later on, when the kids are a little older, I will be able to work while they are also busy. But that’s just not the case at this point.

Back to the creative time! I am more productive before noon, so when possible, I schedule those hours in the morning. Most days I’m carving out a little time in the evening too, but I keep it optional, as I am often too tired to concentrate. I give myself a time-frame to work on my creative work. It doesn’t matter if I’m painting, coming up with ideas or writing. I set an alarm, set my intention for that timeframe and go! This way I get much more focused and I will always have time left for daily chores. No stress any more!


My next step is the to-do list of 2-3 days ahead. I like repurposing sheets of paper with an empty back. I usually tear or cut it into four (a regular A4 sheet) and use those papers to write down the day’s chores and other things, like meetings with friends. When I complete things, I just check them off the list. That’s the best feeling ever! I usually have somewhere between 4-8 items on my list. I realised that I just can’t do more than that, unless the chores are very quick and easy. But even mentally, overplanning always makes me stressed and I’d rather do some of the chores of tomorrow if I still have the time and energy left. 

This brings me to the part of mindset. I could create the most sophisticated schedule in the history of schedules (I’m sure it’s an existing thing!) but if I was overplanning it or not setting my intention, I would fail miserably (like I’ve done already so many times). This time, I’m slowly learning how much I can handle at a time. And that is constantly changing. I give myself a break if I had an emotional day and had only half of the items checked off. Some days I just want to spend more time outside, playing with the boys. And that’s okay too. I’m not trying to be superwoman :) I’m trying to get to my realistic goals, with a relaxed mind and lots of creativity on the way.

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