It stops by inspiration


There are many ways to inspire children. It can be a fantastic adventure story or a small object, animal or plant found somewhere (boxes full of your childhood stuff, anyone?).

Children need very little to get inspired. And when they are, they can go on and play for hours! They make up their own games and play out their favourite stories. Their imagination knows no borders!
This is why very often they don’t need any further assistance. Boredom creates the most imaginative things!

The latest favourite story of my oldest is about a mole who finds himself in the city and gets a toy car to drive it. He recites whole paragraphs from that book! Now every time we see a hump of ground somewhere, he checks if there’s a tiny car next to it, where the mole would park it. He also talks to butterflies, asking them if they need a ride. Just like the mole did in the book. And I love watching him do this!


Another fun thing my children like to do is to go through boxes of things. I keep a box of loose things, really everything from stones to bolts that don’t belong anywhere, in the shed. Sometimes they like to pull it out into the garden and go through it. Than they would find something interesting, like an imbus key and a ribbon and play that it’s the key to start their toy tractor (tractors are big with the boys in our house at the moment…). It’s the magic of discovering the world around us.

What fascinates your kids? What story do they like to play out?
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