Scavenger hunts: the easiest, cheapest and quickest way to get out of the house


I know it’s not fun to go out with kids for a walk if they are nagging all the time. Or when you’re nagging all the time - even if your nagging is only in your head.

I don’t like to just ‘do nothing’ and take a walk. My kids don’t usually like it that much either. Even though they look around and find some intersting stuff on the way, but generally we do much better when we have a purpose to go out. (Okay, I do much better with a purpose...)

Enter: The Scavenger Hunt.
If you’ve never heard the term ‘scavenger hunt’ here’s the deal: basically you have a list of things that you need to gather, photograph or just spot. It’s a game that can be played by anyone, anywhere and in any theme you can think of.

Here’s what to do: Write down some things that your kids like and you are likely to see on the way where you are planning to walk. Or draw a list. Or download and print a list (you can find an illustrated starter list in my Scavenger Hunt Guide!). Than all you do is look for the items on your list together with your children.

You can make it as cheap&easy or as difficult&expensive as you want! Your kids don’t even need to like nature for this to work and you can play into their interests - at least first, before you introduce them to amazing and interesting nature ;) Look for trucks and in the meantime point out a funny sounding bird, and interesting looking stone or a cute fluffy cloud.

Now get your keys and have some fun outside!

Stay curious! Love,


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