What you should know before stocking up on eggs

With easter coming up, lots of people stock up on eggs. In Europe there is a code printed on every egg that is sold commercially. There is an explanation about the meaning of the code in every box, so I won't go into that in detail.

This is what was interesting for me: the meaning of the first number, the explanation about how the chicken are held.

0 = Organic
1 = Free Range
2 = Deep Litter
3 = Battery cage

Now it's all nice and everything, but what is behind these explanations? I illustrated it for you, check it out.

0 organicNET

0 means organic.

The chicken are fed mostly organic food
they can go out any time they want
cutting of the beak is not allowed
there are max 6 chicken/ m² inside the barn
there should be a minimum of 4 m² /chicken outside

1 free-rangeNET

1 means free range.

The chicken can go out any time they want
there should be max 9 chicken /m² inside the barn
they should have a minimum space of 4 m² /chicken outside
cutting the beak is allowed

2 deeplitterNET

2 means deep litter.

The chicken can't go outside
there can't be more than 9 chicken /m²
cutting the beak is allowed

3 batterycageNET

3 means battery cage.

Cutting the beak is allowed
the chicken are always inside a cage
there are as many as 18(!) chicken/ m²

The little research I did was quite an eye-opener for me, as I always thought "deep litter" doesn't sound so bad... well, I guess it's always better to see where your food comes from. So try to find a farmer near you and leave the supermarket eggs for someone else! (or at least buy the organic eggs)

I'd love to hear your thoughts about it. Share it with me in the comments section :)


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