Why I’m #everydayoutside

My kids sleep, behave and learn better when they spend time outside. There are tons of scientific studies and articles to back me up on this. There are also tons of people talking about the health benefits of time spent outside, so I won’t start on that.


From very early on I’ve noticed that my children are extremely active. They can be entertained with a book or puzzle for some time, but by the end of the day if you haven’t taken them outside and let them just be, you’ll regret it for the rest of the day and the night! For they won’t go to sleep easily and definitely won’t stay asleep easily. Well, that sets the mood for the days following, if you know what I mean…

I make going out with them a priority for these very reasons. Even if it’s bad weather, they should be outside at least 30 minutes. Actually even on those days when I don’t have them here, I make sure I’m spending at least 30 minutes outside myself. I guess I just got the hang of it so much… ;) But seriously, it even makes me behave, sleep and think better!

All that said, there is another reason why I want them to get used to playing outside. And that is my own childhood. I am very nostalgic about my childhood everyday adventures.

I still remember sitting on a tree the whole day when I was 7 years old, because they were building new houses and I didn’t want them to cut the tree. We climbed that tree a lot. Of course the tree is long gone, but I still remember it! And all the imaginary adventures we’ve created with the neighbour kids.
I also remember how excited we were when summer finally hit and we could spend even the evenings outside. How we all ran inside for dinner, but than emerged dressed in all black for our evening game of hide-and-seek. And we took that game seriously (hence the black clothing)!

All these reasons contribute to me scheduling outside time every day and making sure it happens. This is a priority for me and I hope it will stay a priority for my children when they grow up.

Stay curious! Love,


PS: I’d love to hear your take on time spent outside. With or without kids. Share it in the comments, reach out for me on Facebook or Instagram.
(Photo by Klara Geiszt 2015)

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