It starts with 2 simple steps:
Take your keys and slowly
back away from the house.
Yes! Congratulations!
You are outside.

Okay, I admit it can be much more difficult and complicated to get out of the house, especially if you are with small children. You need to put them in clothes, shoes, tie the sling, gather the ones that ran away while you were tieing the youngest on your belly and you still don't have your own shoes on…
All that hassle could seem pointless just for a little walk around the block.


Do you need a reason or a purpose to get out? Do your children need a reason?
Some of us just need a goal, a purpose to go on an adventure.
This is why I created a beginner’s scavenger hunt. It's a fun and very easy way to get motivated and get going.

I am Veronika Magali-Marosy, wife, mother of 2 boys, adventurer and the illustrator behind VM Illustrations. I am very nostalgic about my childhood everyday adventures. I still remember sitting on a tree the whole day when I was 7 years old, because they were building new houses and I didn’t want them to cut the tree. We climbed that tree a lot. Of course the tree is long gone, but I still remember it! And all the imaginary adventures we’ve created with the neighbour kids. These fond memories encourage me to take my children outside and keep them curious about the world around us. They also encouraged me to create this Guide, so you can start making memories with your children too!


Try it for yourself!

Get the Beginner's Scavenger Hunt Guide

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